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The open road is one of life's great levelers and it's there for anyone with a set of wheels. If you love getting away from it all and enjoy travelling through varied landscapes that take your breath away, then road trip is one of the better ways to go on a holiday. No matter which way you turn, leisurely driving is often rewarded with towering coastal cliffs, plunging waterfalls, centuries old villages, dense jungles, craggy canyons and panoramic views of the ocean, all begging for a pitstop. But not all roads are created equal. While the snacks and tools you pack for a drive through deserts might be slightly different than, say, a mountain, the joy is all the same. Let yourself be mesmerized by the fresh air, great scenery and a wide open road.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Chile, Germany, Malaysia

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Slovenia River

    Highlights of Slovenia

    10 days

    Nestled between Italy, Austria, and Croatia, Slovenia features unique scenery, interesting folk culture, and an impeccable food scene. Slovenia is a perfect self-drive destination due to its compact size, modern road network, and scenic nature.

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